Interested in contributing data?

Contribution of data is critical in order for I-O Optimise to provide valuable real-world insights.

I-O Optimise will initially include seven data sources, with space to include additional sources, in order to facilitate the right balance of size versus rapid delivery of insights.

I-O Optimise is looking to collaborate with data sources owners with data sets that collect structured patient data, and have the appropriate consents to share such data, which can help answer questions in any or all of the following areas for lung cancers*:

  • Patient characteristics
  • Treatment patterns
  • Outcomes (clinical and/or patient-reported)
  • Safety/adverse events
  • Healthcare resource utilisation

Data sets of interest include those that cover large populations (eg, national or regional registries) or those with narrower, but deeper coverage (eg, hospital electronic medical records).

If you are interested in contributing to I-O Optimise, contact IQVIA (

* I-O Optimise will initially generate data for non-small cell lung cancer, small cell lung cancer and mesothelioma.