What is I-O Optimise?

I-O Optimise, a multinational initiative, will provide valuable real-world insights on the evolving lung cancers* landscape for oncologists and other healthcare professionals, academic researchers, payers, regulators and patients.

I-O Optimise is a novel observational research initiative that will provide insights into the real-world management of lung cancers*. By bringing together teams of clinicians who each hold part of the data puzzle under one umbrella, I-O Optimise hopes to provide rapid responses to some of the challenges facing modern cancer care. The deeper understanding of disease characteristics, treatment patterns and cancer outcomes that
I-O Optimise will provide will be important not only to oncologists and other healthcare professionals, but also to academic researchers, payers and regulators. Ultimately, these new insights will help to transform future patient care.

I-O Optimise is a multinational collaborative initiative established by Bristol-Myers Squibb. The External Scientific Committee, a multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals and scientists, plays a key role in I-O Optimise by guiding research prioritisation and publication focus.

High standards of privacy and data protection, information governance and security are ensured in the handling of all patient data in I-O Optimise.

Why I-O Optimise?

I-O Optimise will initially generate data for non-small cell lung cancer, small cell lung cancer and mesothelioma.